LDO technology

Patented LDO technology saves time, money and effort. Hitting the market with break-through LDO technology for dissolved oxygen measurement more than five years ago, the patented proven LDO technology eliminates unreliable membranes, reducing maintenance requirements.

For lab and field measurement, the HQ30d and HQ40d portable digital meters support the IntelliCALTM Digital LDO probes. These rugged, waterproof meters with data logging and automatic probe recognition, are easy to use and achieve accurate results reliably and reproducibly.

The HQd meter and IntelliCAL LDO Probe come with a three-year warranty, and the sensor has a one-year warranty, both are backed by our excellent technical support. The process LDO probe for on-line measurement, introduced in 2003, can be used with the sc100 or sc1000 digital controllers, and has had proven success in creating significant cost savings by reducing energy usage for blowers in the aeration basin of wastewater treatment plants.
Determination of Oxygen in Wine using the HQd meter with LDO

In 2003, the ASTM International standards development organization affirmed the LDO method as one of three methods for measuring dissolved oxygen in water.

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